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Difficult problems

Some business problems just don’t seem to go away. We have experience and skills in all aspects of financial services and can tackle the most difficult problems. Temporary fixes can be implemented, but the problems inevitably return.

 This type of recurring problem can sap the whole organisation. There is no easy fix.

 From transforming corporate culture from a concept into tangible deliverables, through to developing pragmatic nuts and bolts solutions to complex problems, we help get the job done. The essential ingredient is business wisdom: people who know that simple logic, no matter how clever, is rarely sufficient.

That's why all our consultants are heavily experienced: there is no substitute.


  • Management of projects and large programmes
  • Merger negotiation and integration
  • External challenge on risk and governance
  • Resolving stuck/overblown projects
  • Building consensus around complex issues
  • CEO and Director mentoring
  • Anonymous research
  • Interim management


  • Project management
  • Group facilitation and leadership
  • Implementation of culture change
  • Resolution of complex decisions
  • Strategy development and delivery
  • Building strong stakeholder relationships
  • Large programme management
  • Financial services technical skills
Most of our work is confidential in nature so details cannot be published. We are happy to provide more specific information about work we have undertaken.

Let's talk!

Let us know if we can tell you more about our practical experience and the skills we are able to provide.